Building Serverless Applications With Apache OpenWhisk

James Thomas, IBM

Learn how to build Serverless applications with Apache OpenWhisk, an open-source serverless platform behind IBM Cloud Functions, Adobe I/O Runtime and Red Hat OpenShift Functions.

Topics covered include:

  • Introduction to Serverless concepts
  • Using OpenWhisk from the CLI & UI
  • Creating Serverless functions
  • Connecting functions to event sources
  • Building APIs from Serverless functions
  • Using The Serverless Framework with Apache OpenWhisk
  • Monitoring, logging and debugging issues

Required audience experience

No prior experience of Serverless is required.

Familiarity with JavaScript & Node.js would be beneficial as this will be the language used in the examples. Attendees just need a laptop.

Objective of the workshop

This workshop will teach developers who are new to Serverless platforms and applications all the basics to using OpenWhisk.

Location: TBA Date: November 14, 2018 Time: - James Thomas, IBM James Thomas, IBM