FaaS composition using Kafka and Cloud-Events

Neil Avery, Confluent

Serverless functions or FaaS are all the rage. By leveraging well established event-driven microservice design principles and applying them to serverless functions we can build a homogenous ecosystem to run FaaS applications.

Kafka’s natural ability to store and replay events means serverless functions can not only be replayed, but they can also be used to choreograph call chains or driven using orchestration. Kafka also means we can democratize and organize FaaS environments in a way that scales across the enterprise.

Underpinning this mantra is the use of Cloud Events by the CNCF serverless working group (of which Confluent is an active member).

Objective of the talk

You will leave the talk with an understanding of what the future of cloud holds, a methodology for embracing serverless functions and how they become part of your journey to a cloud-native, event-driven architecture.

Required audience experience

FaaS deployment and runtime considerations

You can view Neil’s slides below:

Serverless London 2019 FaaS composition using Kafka and CloudEvents from Neil Avery

Track 3
Location: Burton & Redgrave Date: November 7, 2019 Time: 2:30 pm - 3:15 pm Neil Avery, Confluent Neil Avery, Confluent