Lambda: Not your grandparents’ cloud

Richard Boyd, iRobot

Migrating a monolithic application to a lambda-based distributed micro-service model is a huge step towards servereless enlightenment, but progress doesn’t stop there. Serverless is a mindset that demands we continue to push our applications to contain less code and more value to our business.

During this talk I will describe several very common Lambda service proxy pattern that often holds applications back from truly embracing the serverless mindset and ways that we can break through this barrier by killing our dependency on Lambda for many tasks.

Objective of the talk

Attendees of this talk will be able to describe which use-cases that are typically handled by Lambda can be off-loaded to other managed services to minimize the amount of code needed to maintain.

Required audience experience

familiarity with API Gateway, Lambda, and a willingness to let Lambda die an honorable death.

Track 2
Location: Gielgud Date: November 6, 2019 Time: 5:05 pm - 5:50 pm Richard Boyd, iRobot Richard Boyd, AWS