How Serverless allows the BBC to move fast, reduce duplication and focus on delivery

Jacob Clark, BBC

The BBC has hundreds of engineers across the world building products that make up the BBC Online. We create content that is consumed across the world by an audience of millions. This poses several interesting problem for us as an organisation: we must engineer products that can scale to millions of users during high traffic events such as breaking news, but we also must scale our engineering in such a way that the effort required to build a new service is minimal whilst keeping code duplication low.

With our own Serverless platform built on AWS we’ve achieved the ability to scale to millions of requests a day with ease whilst writing 60% less code during the development of new products

Required audience experience

A basic understanding of Serverless and how that can apply to web development.

Objective of the talk

A case study on re-engineering a legacy product onto a nanoservice-like architecture and how other organisations might foster a culture of “Make the common things easy and the specialist things possible” through a Serverless approach.


Track 1
Location: TBA Date: November 12, 2018 Time: 5:25 pm - 6:10 pm Jacob Clark, BBC Jacob Clark, BBC