Serverless with Microsoft Azure – An early adopters field report

Philipp Resch, Arvato Systems

In this session I would like to take you on our journey of refactoring an existing legacy application using Microsoft Azure Functions and several other Azure services in order to create a serverless and highly scalable solution for processing digital invoices.

The application needs to be able to recognize barcodes within different types of documents, convert documents to PDF and upload them via SFTP based on several rules.

I will talk about the challenges we encountered during the realization of the project, which caveats we had to accept, and what we have learned from our experiences. I would also like to give a short introduction on another project in which we used what we have learned.

Required audience experience

Basic knowledge of Cloud platforms, Developers

Objective of the talk

We are in the early days of serverless computing, and during the redesigning of an existing legacy application we experienced quite a few pitfalls. I want to show the issues we had with the platform and how we got around those.

Track 3
Location: TBA Date: November 13, 2018 Time: 1:25 pm - 2:10 pm Philipp Resch, Arvato Systems Philipp Resch, Arvato Systems GmbH