Serverless Survival Guide: Testing

Lars Roewekamp, open knowledge

Writing a serverless function is quite simple: A few lines of code programmed, briefly uploaded to the cloud and the serverless function is ready for production.

But what about the automated testing of the function? How to make sure that the serverless function really does what it is expected to do? And how to test its interaction with all the other serverless functions and cloud components of the application? Now, at the latest, things are getting complicated. A suitable serverless test strategy is needed.

The session shows different challenges that serverless applications bring to testing and presents corresponding solutions to deal with them.

Objective of the talk

Testing of serverless functions is quite difficult. The session points out different complementary strategies to deal with this topic:
– on-premise based unit and integration tests
– temporary cloud-based integration environments
– permanent production shadow environ

Required audience experience


You can view Lars’ slides below:

Surviving Serverless Testing: The ultimate Guide from open knowledge GmbH

Track 1
Location: Mountbatten Date: November 7, 2019 Time: 2:30 pm - 3:15 pm Lars Roewekamp, open knowledge Lars Röwekamp, open knowledge