Workshop: Building CI/CD pipelines for Serverless Applications

Richard Boyd, iRobot

Creating a serverless application has never been easier. Maintaining a serverless application as the number of users grows is fraught with perils.

During this workshop, I will teach you how to deploy serverless applications in a safe controlled manner to minimize risk and maintain developer velocity. We will start with a set of CloudFormation templates that define our serverless application and we will build a CI/CD pipeline to deploy changes to Dev/Test/Prod stages.

We will cover automated roll-backs, deployment alarms, metrics and monitoring a deployment, and introduce extensions that can apply in some circumstances to meet compliance requirements.

Objective of the workshop

Participants will incrementally build their pipeline during the workshop and will walk away a set of CloudFormation templates that build a CI/CD pipeline for deploying a serverless applications while minimizing deployment risk and sustaining developer velocity.

Required audience experience

Familiarity with CloudFormation and AWS cli is helpful. If you’ve never used the cli but you know how to copy/paste commands, you will be just fine.

Location: Burns Date: November 8, 2019 Time: 9:30 am - 5:00 pm Richard Boyd, iRobot Richard Boyd, AWS